Stephen "Ragga" Marley Debuts "Scars On My Feet" ft. Waka Flocka

Today on, Stephen "Ragga" Marley debuted "Scars On My Feet" ft. Waka Flocka. From his forthcoming album Revelation Part II: The Fruit of Life, the track is a prelude to the Grammy Award Winning singer/producer's masterful blend of Hip Hop with Reggae and more. 

The Fruit is a fusion of everything I am inspired by – Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, and all aspects from songwriting to production, even the way I sing certain parts of a song, must return to that concept, which is different than just making a regular studio album. There are love songs, songs for the core, songs for the clubs, but it remains a positive, conscious party,” Stephen Marley told

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